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      Canadian Forest Tree Essences

      Canadian Forest Tree Essences

      The following information is excerpted from the book "Trees Speak: Vibrational Tree Essences Guidebook" written by Celine Cloutier and Daniel Tigner

      What are Tree Essences? 

      We have been using the tree essences for several years and we have found them very helpful in a subtle and energetic way. We would like to extend our assistance regarding their uses and helpfulness. Life can toss us many experiences and nature in its purest form has always been the master healer.  Just drop us a line and we would be happy to answer your questions. 

      Vibrational Tree Essences are subtle liquid extracts usually taken orally to nurture emotional and spiritual well-being. They act by nourishing the energy field of a person or animal via their positive resonance, and in doing so, they help us maintain inner balance. 

      Canadian Forest Tree Essences cover many of the key energetic and emotional issues that arise in today's life for people as well as animals. When our essences are used consistently, their action is profound and long lasting. 

      Tree Essences can be used with food, medications, and supplements. They have no physical supplements.

      Understanding the Action of the Essences

      The effects of the essences do not lend themselves easily to analysis as the lines of cause and effect between their action and positive changes in underlying emotional and energetic conditions are difficult to trace.  As well, changes brought about with essences occur within the complexity of our lives: even if we take a vitamin or herb, we may not see anything specific on a physical level although we may sense they are doing good. As essences work through their resonance, interacting with the human and animal energy fields, their effects ripple like waves in many directions.  To understand their action requires intuitive, subjective and non-linear modes if perception.

      It is perhaps because of the non-linear action of the essences that many people who experience beneficial results while taking essences tend to attribute these improvements to other factors such as lifestyle changes, herbal remedies and so forth.

      Often we have heard people say:

      “I don’t know if it is the essences, but I feel better…”

      Or, people may say something like:

      “I lost weight…”

      “I’ve fewer migraines…”

      “I sleep better…”

      Over time, as we use essences for ourselves, greater sensitivity, discernment, and clarity about their effects naturally arise.  We gain assurance about their value and contribution to healing and well being.

      Essences Are Not Drugs Used To Treat Illness

      In the dictionary pharmaceutical drugs are defined as chemical substances used to treat illness.

      Canadian Forest Tree Essences are highly dilute vibrational formulations safe for oral consumption.  There are no active chemical substances present in the essences and they have no direct action on the body’s chemistry.  Hence they cannot be considered as drugs. 

      The benefit of Canadian Forest Tree Essences is via the impact of their positive resonance derived from trees on the body, mind and spirit.  As such they are of great benefit in therapist and healer directed and self-directed efforts to sustain health and well-being: they may be used as a primary healing modality or as an adjunct to health programs

      Canadian Forest Tree Essences are NOT designed to treat or cure any specific disease.  Use of the essences should never be considered as a substitute for sound medical advice or treatment, likewise in the case of our animal essences as a substitute for sound veterinary diagnosis and treatment.