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      Cold and Flu: Natural Prevention and Treatment

      Cold and Flu: Natural Prevention and Treatment

      by Joann Rosso - Owner and Co-Creator of Cloud 9 Naturally

      Nobody likes being sick, but it seems to be a fact of life for most people (there are those lucky people who never seem to get sick!). Avoid sickness is tricky, especially in office and school environments where we come into contact with so many people. Some people may opt for the flu shot, although it has varying rates of success in preventing the flu. There are other, natural ways to help you and your family avoid getting sick. Here are some options:

      • Wash hands constantly during cold and flu season. Use soap and water, alcohol based rubs and sprays, or our Cloud 9 Antiviral 4 Thieves soap bar or foaming hand wash.
      • Spray surfaces such as bathrooms, kitchen counters, backpacks, desks, hotel rooms, classrooms, light switches, and more with anti-virals such as Cloud 9 Antiviral 4 Thieves spray. Flu viruses can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. Another option for disinfecting hard surfaces is hydrogen peroxide (spray or wipe) but be careful with this one.
      • Avoid touching mouths, eyes, and nose – your own and others’. Wash hands with soap and water or alcohol based hand cleaners after doing so.
      • Use Cloud 9 Antiviral 4 Thieves roller bottle on the spine, chest and feet during cold and flu season. Although this particular method hasn’t been scientifically proven, it has helped many during cold and flu season.
      • Make sure you’re getting enough immune boosting vitamins and minerals. 
      • Exercise! Exercise helps boost the immune system. A recent study found that regular exercise nearly halved the risk of getting an upper respiratory tract infection.
      • Use a humidifier or diffuser in rooms where you sleep or where there are possible viruses such as schools and offices. It has been found viruses live longer in dry air. Add a few drops of anti-viral essential oil blends. Diffuse in room without people in it for 30-60 minutes then allow fresh air in.
      • An alkaline diet may help prevent respiratory viruses – in vitro studies show inactivation of viruses in alkaline mediums. Alkaline powdered drinks are available in health food stores.

      Natural Cold and Flu Treatment

      Based on the research, it turns out we have a variety of products that include helpful ingredients (both for preventing and treating sickness). While the government doesn’t like it when we make claims, we can mention the products that have the ingredients mentioned in the scientific articles I found.

      1. Mercy MSM Lotion: Our Mercy MSM line was developed to help manage pain, naturally. It contains Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and other essential oils that may also be effective against the flu and its symptoms. I have used it on my chest, throat and back during colds and flu to help me breathe, take down inflammation in my chest and help with coughing.
      2. Mercy MSM Soak: An Epsom salt base with lemon balm, peppermint and lemongrass dried herbs as well as many of the essential oils known as antivirals, muscle aches and pain and respiratory inflammation. Safe for children as well. I even use it to help reduce nausea by inhaling deeply.
      3. Cloud 9 Naturally’s Antiviral 4 Thieves: This is our blend of the famous Marseilles Thieves recipe. Selling since 1991, we beat YL to this one by a number of years. It is made with the highest quality of essential oils in the business (and good price because of bulk rates with no multi level marketing costs!). Available in a variety of products including essential oil blend, a foaming hand soap and soap bar, a chest and foot rub, a spray, a lip balm, and a rollerball. The essential oils in this blend have been shown to be antiviral, anti fungal, antibacterial so can be useful for prevention and treatment.
      4. Other essential oils for cold and flu – can be used in diffusers to for offices, bedrooms, etc. or personal inhalers for more discreet use.
      5. Ginger can help with nausea/upset stomach. Studies have proven its usefulness in reducing post-operative nausea, morning sickness, and nausea from chemotherapy. Although it has not been tested on stomach flu, one can assume it would have the same effect.
      6. Nature’s Touch for those chapped noses and lips. A beautiful blend of amazonian rainforest butters including shea butter, mango butter, uccumba, tacuma, raspberry and mango extracts and more. No chemicals, all natural, full of vitamins, omegas, and minerals. Awesome for dry skin, chapped noses and lips, and much more. A little goes a long way!
      7. Magnesium Spray with MSM – this is a new one to this list! We recently discovered that it can help with respiratory issues and coughing fits. Magnesium helps relax muscles in your lungs and airways, while MSM helps with inflammation and oxygen transport. Spray on chest and throat  (even combine with Mercy MSM Lotion for extra relief).

      We hope you try some of our products this cold or flu season!

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